Free SMS Philippines

You can now send free SMS in the Philippines. Unlimited free text message online for free with no registration required.

Free SMS Philippines

Enjoy the perks of sending free SMS in the Philippines with instant delivery and contact your love ones, friends and family for free. All data’s of our customers will not be shared to anyone and our platform has implemented top of the line security protocols to keep your data safe. The networks covered by our free text messaging service are the following Globe, Smart, TNT, SUN, TM. We are hoping to add the newer telecom service providers in the Philippines as fast as possible to reach more Filipinos nationwide.

SMS Sending Limitation

Send as many text messages on all networks in the Philippines it’s unlimited and free at the same time. The delivery of our text messages is instant, fast and real-time allowing the receiver to receive the message fast as possible.

Sending SMS in the Philippines while abroad?

You can still send free SMS in the Philippines as long as you access our website and enter the correct contact number of the person you are trying to reach and they can instantly receive your text message. This free text service is also good for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) who wants to get in touch with their love ones in the Philippines for free and without any hassle.

Character Limitation

As of now our service requires that you type around only 160 characters for texting nationwide in the Philippines. This is the standard SMS limitation for sending SMS on any android or iPhone devices worldwide.

Offensive or Abusive Messages

You can report abusive messages and we will do our best to ban the user that send the message. We do not condone offensive and abusive messages on our free text platform. We have created this service to allow Filipinos to connect to their love ones, friends and family.


We do not require registrations on our website you can send free SMS anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection.