Free Text Philippines: Send Unlimited Free Text in the Philippines

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Free Text Philippines

Free Text Philippines is an online tool that aims to help the Filipino people send unlimited free text to their loved ones nationwide. Our free text service covers almost all the telecom providers in the Philippines such as Smart, Globe, TM, SUN Cellular, GOMO, and DITO Telecom. Our tool can also become very useful to OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) working abroad and wanted to send a text to their loved ones back in the Philippines.


Unlimited Text

Our website offers unlimited and free text service in the Philippines. Send as many texts you want all day long.

Network Coverage

Through our free text service, you can send to all telecom providers in the Philippines namely Smart, Globe, TNT, TM, DITO, GOMO, and SUN Cellular.

Secure Text Service

We do daily server security checks to securely store our customer's data and prevent any compromises to our website.

Step by Step Process on How to Send a Text Using Our Website

Free Text Philippines
    1. Make sure to enter your contact number as a sender. Our free text service only allows 11 digits numbers ex. 09618866613.
    2. Enter your recipient’s mobile number. Also, make sure that the number you enter is 11 digits ex. 09618866613. If you enter an incorrect mobile number the SMS will not proceed and will prompt an error to inform you to edit the mobile number. Any other characters that will be entered into the system will automatically be not allowed and will inform us of any suspicious activity on our website.
    3. Finally, enter your text message. Type the message you want your recipient to receive just take note that we only allow 120 characters per text. You will now if you have reached the limit if you can’t continue to type in the message area.
    4. Lastly, to make sure that your message was successfully sent. A modal will prompt stating that the message was already sent to the recipient.

Character Limitations

Although you can send unlimited free text on our website you can only input 120 characters per text. This is the standard limit of any smartphone device now a day.


Offensive Messages

You can report abusive text messages and we will do our best to ban the user that sends the message. We do not condone offensive or abusive messages on our free text platform. We have created this service to allow Filipinos to connect to their loved ones, friends, family and not hurt and offend anybody using our platform.

To report any wrongdoing using our platform please fill up this form so we can process and assess you on blocking this individual from using our platform ever again.


We do not require registrations on our website you can send free text anytime and anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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